By: Alba Zarzuela

I had one of the most beautiful experiences for the second time in Barcelona, the first experience was wonderful I discovered places and shared beautiful time with a great friend.

Now I have returned to Barcelona but I wasn’t the same, I was broken inside and having a bad time; but the magic of its streets and the joy of the people made me feel alive, the smell of the beach and walking on the sand and delight in the blue sky to float in the crystal clear water was awesome.

My dear friend, made me feel not as a queen, the following. He took me to all the places that characterize this beautiful city, we laughed out loud and we also had a moment of sadness walking in the middle of Las Ramblas … silence and bloodstained this place that so traveled by people who visit or those who live here, and you just realize that you have to live to the fullest because time is over without realizing it.

Yesterday, we visited Sitges a small town in Barcelona. I recommend it 100%, it is beautiful, the beach is great, good food and a very bohemian atmosphere. But we must be careful how we interact with people, a Hindu salesman with his big smile tried to flirt with me, touched my hair and even my face caressed me without even my consent. What imprudence guy? Hahahaha

After having spent a beautiful day at the beach we return at home to dress for the occasion, have dinner and then go to have a few drinks to try the nightlife; We went to a bar called Sin Copa … with three lovely guys that work there: Cristian, Cristina, and Antonio … Great in customer service and the way they connect with the people, friendly, kind and cheerful guys.


In this adventure that I embarked … I have a little question about the projection of the Dominican in other countries, especially the Dominican woman; a Frenchman in a bar hit me in the ass how if he knew me for a lifetime … which I didn’t like. So, another guy from Belgium, when we told him our nationality he stopped talking, paid the bill and he left immediately. Because of that: what kind of ambassadors are we? What citizens of the world do we exhibit to others? This I leave it for another post soon, hahahahha

Out of those bad taste episodes … this trip I put a medal of excellent, exceeded all my expectations and strengthened the affection of friendship towards with my great friend Luis.

In ❤ with Barcelona


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  1. Ángeles 22 September, 2017 at 20:40

    Pues que mal que hayan tenido esas experiencias pero que bueno que te hayas sentido reconfortada en tu corto viaje a Barna y que hayas podido disfrutar de otros aires y despejarte. ¡Espero verte de nuevo!


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