Whenever I want to escape from my routine in Barcelona, I go to Madrid to disconnect a bit, stay with my friends who live there, to catch up on things that cannot be said on a phone call because it´s always more exciting in person.

Rocio is a wonderful host (now that I’m a tourist in the city), I told her to go to The Retiro Park because it´s one of my favorite places in Madrid and to take advantage to shoot some pictures there. I used to come a lot when I was living in Madrid to do picnics, take my friends who came to visit me or just lay on the grass and breathe a bit of nature, something that one of the most generous lungs of the city offers to us.

One of the things that characterize The Retiro Park is its huge lake, that huge and that populated, as it´s one of the biggest spots in the city and it will reflect his magic at any time of the year you decide to visit it.

On this occasion, it is a beautiful spring season, where everything blooms leaving the cold winter behind and here´s the result.


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