Hello! My Frenes,

I´m Luis Fragoso and this is my blog “My Daily Frend” where I´m going to share with you many things about the lifestyle, travels, online reputation and especially fashion´s stuff from my point of view with a very obvious styling that´s my funny hair.

I was born in the Caribbean, on a beautiful island full of colors called DOMINICAN REPUBLIC, land of merengue, beautiful beaches, peculiar gastronomy, exotic places, and the joy that characterizes my people.

I studied finances (something very quiet for my personality) and from my first year of college, I began to work in the area. I started working at a multinational of consumer goods where my colleagues told me “The discord note of the department”, then years later I fell in love with marketing where I worked for 3 years activating brands very relevant in my country.

In October of 2015, I grabbed all my pods (things) and I went to Spain to study a master in digital marketing in Madrid. In the summer of 2016, I took my motets (suitcases) again and moved to Barcelona because I needed to breathe breeze and sea water, and also found love there.

In summary: I´m a super cool guy, good friend, transparent and especially very cheerful. I love fried food in large magnitudes (I´m very foodie boy), share and laugh with my friends, I adore going to the beach (I think little mermaid boy, hahaha), I like to cook, I deprive of a bartender and I am passionate about shopping, who does not?

I want and hope that you accompany me in this new adventure and thus you get to know me little bit.

Thank you and big many virtual hugs.