Hi, my frend! How is the start of the week? As you have read in my previous post about my second visit to Amsterdam, I have prepared a checklist of some things I did in the city and I want to share it with you so you can use it as a reference if you are planning to visit it.

1. Rent a bicycle.

The city is full of canals and the center is not that big. You can walk around by bike. In addition, the vast majority of the inhabitants of the city have a bicycle as their main means of transport. An important fact is that bikes are highly respected by cars and give high priority to those who are on them, and if you are walking you have to be very careful because instead of being trampled by a car you will be overtaken by a bicycle. Hahaha. 2. Have for breakfast some traditional Dutch crepes.

There is a super cool place called PANCAKES Amsterdam where they have more than 20 combinations to make a delicious Dutch crepe of your taste. The choice I made was delicious and I felt at ease that I had lunch at 4:00 p.m. This site is 100% recommended and a very important fact are that you can only pay with a card. 3. Visit the canals and make the typical photo.

As they say: “If you have not taken a picture on the Amsterdam canals, it’s like you have not been there” hahaha. Everything you will see in the center of Amsterdam will be canals and beautiful typical buildings of the city. There is no specific point to take the picture because everything is practically the same, so wherever you do, it will be good and valid, so let the imagination do its thing and just pose.4. Lunch in Jacketz.

If you are a potato lover like me, then you will love this place. They make some huge potatoes with different specialties and any option you choose will delight you, which you can combine with any craft beer or wine, or just let yourself be carried away by Jacketz’s recommendation so you can make this experience very pleasant. 5. Visit the Van Gogh Museum

I am not a fan of visiting museums of paintings, but I emphasize that the peculiarity of painting and seeing the things Vicent Van Gogh had at that time was impressive, which each portrait and painting makes you feel about how things were there and makes you teleport to the time so you can live it through their art. Tickets can be purchased online or at tourist information and the cost is €18.00.

6. Eat a delicious handmade and creative dessert.

POLABERRY is a magical place where you will let yourself be carried away by the creativity and originality of the sweets that they create there, you will want to take everything to make a fun afternoon of tea or coffee with your friends or to take cool photos to post in IG. That´s the option I chose because I am a “Unique Unicorn”.7. Go exploring in the suburbs of the center.

If you like architecture and would love to explore to see what it’s like to live in that city, ask or look for some places and go for a walk. We have found this wonderful neighborhood called Borneo-Eiland where you can observe the new buildings of modern houses and flats without losing the essence of how is the construction in Amsterdam. These gave me many ideas of how designing my own place in the future. The good thing is that I already have my favorite architect who will design it. 8. Go to the red light district.

This is a spot, a mention of the city and is recommended to go, as this is a must stop for many people when visiting Amsterdam. With this, you can have a vision of that kind of lifestyle that in other countries they consider prohibited or clandestine.I hope you liked it and that if you visit Amsterdam you can be guided on my recommendation or just create your own plan so that you can enjoy your trip to the fullest.

Post data, I always have more to do and see in Amsterdam and that is why I have promised to return again but to do another type of tourism in the city. Hugs!

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