2 years and 4 months ago to be exact that Alba, a friend that life gave me and who I can tell her sister, paid me a visit to Barcelona, and one afternoon of that end of summer September, we remembered the good times that we live in Madrid and how the people around us came and went, and as a poet she is, I told her to write something about people, how we behave, and especially love and respect for others … and then you I share the result:

We talk about peace, solidarity, humanity and especially about what is called LOVE; but with wars we built a world full of pain, we lost what characterized us; the essence for what we were created, the sense of loving us.

We fill our life with emptiness, we end up loading our heart with attachment to material things; what are we? We are a group of EMPTY WALKERS, lost everywhere, destroying everything in their path; there is no time for hugs.

Violence occupies the first planes; moments of “selfies” and vain things; but we close our eyes to those whose soul is broken; we have stopped appreciating beautiful things, free in our nature; A word of encouragement does not give food to the hungry, but it gives hope to believe that the dream of a better world has not died.

There is no mutual respect; we wasted forces on what we cannot change; when we look, many grains of sand surround the sea.

We must deliver sincere words, shy and tender smiles; help when required; to think that today the tragedy and poverty of others should make us sad.

There are no values ​​anymore, and what was goodness yesterday has been transformed into evil; let’s leave the sentences empty and start with simple actions, and we will be people full of naivety and love, aware of what pain is … do everything with love; yes, love, four letters that will change all this chaos and pain.

Peace, hope, longings and big dreams … LOVE; this formula can change the whole world. Start with you and you will infect those who cannot smile, in the end, yes … when you give, you are happier.

I took the opportunity of these photos that my beloved friend Giulia took for her Airbnb Experience portfolio; since these reflect the nobility and inner beauty of my being and have a harmonic accord with the poem.

Let’s stop being EMPTY WALKERS and start distilling love everywhere.

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