Hello! My Frends!

I’m so happy because the season that I love the most it´s coming: SUMMER … As Caribbean that I am, this weather in this season of the year reminds me my beloved land, that I’ve been there a few days ago on vacation and as I told you in my last post I used to make a couple of photos.

Today I bring you the last shooting that we made with my friend and photographer Petro in the beautiful Colonial Zone.

This post is to fall you in love with this part of my land and this place is one of my favorite Dominican Republic, and for that, I would like to show you at there are so many places to see in my country more than Punta Cana.

The Colonial Zone is in the center of Santo Domingo and the atmosphere there is so beautiful and refreshing to give a walk through the history of DR and also do activities such as: spend a pleasant evening with friends, walk surroundings the area, to go out for party, listen a concert of Son in the middle of the streets, eat delicious nationally or internationally gastronomic or simply to walk and fill the soul through the beautiful colonial architecture.

So, here are the results of the shooting and I hope you like it. A big hug!

Jeans: Zara (s/s 16) similar here, here y here

Blazer: Zara (s/s 17) similar here

Shirt: Zara (s/s 16) similar here

Shoes: Zara (s/s 16) similar here, here and here

Sunglasses: bought in DR.

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  1. Marlyn 10 June, 2017 at 00:45

    Ohhh que bien colega me gustan sus post y su Flow pero dígame y el Flow de las my friends PA cuando jajajajajajajajajajajaja

    1. LuisFragoso 10 June, 2017 at 17:02

      Jajajja Tan bellaa!! A ver cuando se lanza eso! 🙂


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