Last August for my summer vacation, I received an invitation from a friend to visit Cantabria and spend a few days there, get to know the surroundings of this autonomous community and also disconnect a little from the routine of Barcelona.

Although August is a spicy month because is full of tourists throughout Spain, it should be noted that Cantabria is a wonderful getaway to escape the heat wave that is raging in this month.

Cantabria can offer you everything from sunny days and other raining days, wonderful beaches overlooking the countryside, secret places that you can have unforgettable memories and especially it’s a place that transfers peace and quietness.

That is why today I come to tell you about a place that I loved very much that is “El Capricho” by Gaudí, which stands out for having colorful tiles, its unusual and extravagant architectural form, the idea that the owners  and Gaudí had to create it and the clear concept that this has, which leads it to be a modernist building that fully shows the oriental tendency of the magnificent architect.

The images will tell you everything; I hope to hear something from you.


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