Last November I visited Camprodon, a beautiful mountain town in the Pyrenees, an experience for those who wish to spend a beautiful day outside the city.

Camprodon, is a town located in the province of Girona and has a population of around 2,200 habitants. It´s a natural paradise for mountain lovers, their houses and streets in a typical mountain style, its gastronomy, its fauna and landscapes are wonders that define this small town.

After parking the car, we headed to the town accessing the beautiful Roman Bridge that characterizes it, a symbol for those who have visited Camprodon. Entering, its streets are narrow, of stone, with wooden windows and beautiful winter flowers. Strolling through these narrow streets that invite you to look up, and then we arrived at our destination, where our good friend Iris was waiting for us, the village cellar.

Iris, a laughing young woman, born in Switzerland and settled in Catalonia since she was a child, has been living in Camprodón for several years. Her boyfriend, Toni, owns the winery where in addition to wine; you can find endless products from Camprodón and the rest of the territory. It may be of your interest before you leave, go through the store and be surprised by the amount of local products that you can take to savour; the famous Birba cookies, the delicious Ratafía, dried out mushrooms, among many more options for your choice.

Iris had a perfect plan to enjoy the area; a small route through the town, pick mushrooms in one of the mountains near Camprodón, their perfect kitchen to cook in group and talk while having a good wine, and at the end of the day to walking into a nice neighboring town called “La Roca”.

We are waiting for the next visit to Camprodón during the winter time, where the landscape changes completely and snow activities are a great attraction of it.

A beautiful tour far from the city and where we had the opportunity to see a different Catalonia. Feel that breeze clean and fresh, without pollution, appreciate the silence and hear how the river water flows without rest… A sensitive experience where to disconnect. Thanks to my boyfriend for getting closer to nature.

I invite you to visit Camprodón and live a unique experience as we have done. You’ll love it!


  1. Daniela 17 December, 2019 at 19:15

    Me encantó, muy inspirador! Este finde estaré por Camprodón de visita y me acordaré de tus consejos!

    1. LuisFragoso 29 December, 2019 at 13:13

      Que bueno! Gtacias guapa! Espero que te haya gustado la visita por allí. Feliz año. Nos vemos a la vuelta de las vacaciones 😘😘


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