It’s been a year since I published anything here; Wow! Time flies, but now I´m back stronger than ever. This year has been for me an absolute test, I worked on something that I wasn’t passionated about, but I had to work for money, two love breaks, three flat changes, decisions that I made without counting the consequences and led me to start getting to know myself more.

Not everything has been difficult and complicated, I have also met wonderful people that I can call family, a wonderful summer where I met two beautiful cities in Spain that both of them gave me beautiful memories of a lifetime and after so many years without celebrating my birthday I had a beautiful surprise from my friends which I´m carrying in my heart forever.

Now I´m into getting to know myself more and more, working my impulses and above all valuing   every microsecond that life gives me because you never know what could happen the day after.

With this post, by telling you what happened, I´m starting a new era and I´m pushing further this project that I started with great enthusiasm last year and for personal reasons I had to postpone it and I hope that I could share with you soon the calendar of my future posts that I´m thinking of sharing in both, blog and social media.

And finally, I wanted to share these photos that I recently took in a natural place in my beloved Barcelona. I hope you like it  🙂 . Hugs!

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