I didn´t want to miss out the opportunity to share from the trip that I did 2 month ago to Rome, and that’s why I’m back again to talk a little bit about the trip and my experience there.

Personally Rome did not meet my expectations, I don´t know if it was because of the weather, one moment it was raining and another it was sunny, but in general I had a great time with my friends. Not everything we see on social networks is what it is … do not misunderstand me and you know what I´m saying … we ate delicious food, we walked the whole city by foot. If you like walking, everything around the center is at walking distance. In conclusion I enjoyed it to the maximum because you are the one who decides what experience to keep.

What I liked most was that I felt like I was in the Caribbean, the people, the way of driving, how locals cross the streets and not just at zebra crossings, the way they shout when they talk and how friendly they are.


  1. If you arrive by the Fiumicino make sure you get to the center from there, there are trains that arrive in 30 minutes to the center but it is €15 for the ticket and there are buses for €5.60 that arrive in 40 minutes… everything is about how you manage your budget… I always try to optimize as much as I can but when you need to pay you can´t avoid it.
  2. Avoid eating in the center, usually the food is expensive and not good. Search for recommendations on TripAdvisor.
  3. If you can avoid queuing to enter the Colosseum, do so. There are some touristic desks that help you get the tickets and audio guides at a better price.
  4. If you book a hotel or an Airbnb, read the comments and conditions of the facilities very well, since you have to pay a tourist tax and many of you have to pay the sheets and towels, which is supposed to be already included in the payment.


We already know all the known spots in Rome and that is why I share with you one of the thousand photos I took from each place… hahaha.

Rome Coliseum

Fontana di Trevi

Piazza di Spagna

Monument to Victor Emmanuel II

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